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h2. *Example Terms of Reference*

Romanian Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing, Directorate General for European Territorial Cooperation, _Template for the evaluation Terms of Reference_, 2008.
Example Terms of Reference, Evaluation Plans and Evaluation Reports can be found at:

Special EU Programmes Body, Terms of Reference for Consultant Services in relation to the analysis of implementation of the PEACE III and INTERREG IVA Programmes to end 2008, 2009.
[Terms of reference: evaluation of the Estonia -- Latvia Programme|Practical Handbook for Ongoing Evaluation Annex 6^Estonia-Latvia_ToR.pdf]

[Price comparison prior to direct procurement of Evaluation of the Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013|Practical Handbook for Ongoing Evaluation Annex 6^Example ToR for direct procurement_NPP.pdf]

[Utvärdering av Interreg IVA Botnia Atlantica, Interreg IVA Sverige Norge, Interreg IVA Nord|Practical Handbook for Ongoing Evaluation Annex 6^Interre_sweden_ToR.pdf]

h2. *Example Evaluation Plan*

[Northern Periphery Programme, Evaluation Strategy. (2007-2013)|Practical Handbook for Ongoing Evaluation Annex 6^NPP Evaluation Strategy.pdf]

[Cross-Border Programme Romania-Bulgaria, Multi-Annual Evaluation Plan for the Romania -- Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007 -- 2013.|Practical Handbook for Ongoing Evaluation Annex 6^Multi_annual_evaluation_plan_RO_BG.pdf]

[Special EU Programmes Body. Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for INTERREG IVA Northern Ireland, the Border Region of Ireland and Western Scotland, 2008.|Practical Handbook for Ongoing Evaluation Annex 6^Draft Monitoring and Evaluation Plan - Interreg IVA _SEUPB.pdf]

[Utvärderingsplan för Interreg IV A Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak 2007-2013|Practical Handbook for Ongoing Evaluation Annex 6^Bil 8 Utvrderingsplan_081027_Sweden.pdf]

h2. *Example of a project evaluation in combination with a final report*

h3. *Example of CADSES programme IIIB final report:*

Projects are asked to fill out the final report below. As this is already very detailed it basically includes a project evaluation
I. List of project data
II. Project partners
III. Project Implementation
A. Executive summary of the entire project implementation
A.1. Detailed description of the project achievements, recommendations and conclusions. (3-6 pages)
B. Activities
B.1. Identification and quantification of activities
B.2. Detailed description of all applicable activities
C. Outputs and deliverables
C.1. Did the project produce all outputs and deliverables listed in the approved Application Form?
C.2. Outputs and deliverables produced -- availability
C.3. Which outputs and deliverables foreseen in the Application Form have not been produced and why?
D. Project results and impacts
D.1. Detailed overview of all results and impacts
E. Project Process: Partnership
E.1. Development of partnership throughout the project duration
E.2. To what extent were non-European project partners involved in the project implementation?
E.3. If cooperation with Project Partners was rather problematic, what where the main reasons for this?
F. Project Process: Management
F.1. How was project management organised? The management was…
F.2. When was your project ready for starting planned project activities?
F.3. What was the delay in your project's activities compared with the Application Form handed in by the closing date of the call? (If any)
G. Project Process: Dissemination and publicity
G.1 Did the project elaborate a communication strategy?
G.2 What are the main target groups addressed by your dissemination and publicity activities?
G.3 What kinds of events for publicity and dissemination have been organised?
G.4 What kind of instruments did you use and/or develop for dissemination and publicity?
IV Finances (A & B ask about the spending)
C. Additional questions on finances
C.1 Availability of national co-financing for Project Partners?
C.2 Were there any delays or cash-flow problems linked to payments from state co-financing?
C.3 Did you have any problems regarding distribution of reimbursed ERDF funds to your Project Partners?
C.4 Did you have any problems regarding the reimbursement or the contribution of the national co-financing?
V. Contribution to the Programme objectives and Community Policies
A. Contribution to the objectives of the priority
A.1 How does your project contribute to objectives of your priority of the CADSES Neighbourhood Programme?
B. Contribution to the objectives of the measure
B.1 How does your project contribute to the objectives of the measure…of the INTERREG III B CADSES NP?
C. Contribution to spatial development
C.1 How does the project contribute to the spatial development of the CADSES area?
D. Transnational added value
D.1 Which types of activities dealt with in your project needed a particular transnational cooperation?
D.2 Did you establish a network beyond the project partnership of institutions from different countries?
E. Contribution to the Community Policies
E.1 How does the project contribute to regional competitiveness and regional cohesion?
E.2 How does the project contribute to employment and social cohesion; how does the project contribute towards equal opportunities?
E.3 Describe the impact of the project on the environment
VI. Follow-up
A.1 Is follow-up of the project foreseen?
A.2 Will the partnership be continued after the closure of the project?
A.3 Have there been institutional agreements for using the project results?
A.4 Is it already foreseen to replicate the project results in other regions/countries?
A.5 Will there be further implementation of project results?
A.6 Did the project lead to results with a normative character?
A.7 Will the project website remain online after the completion of the project? (If any)
A.8 Has the project prepared the ground for any large-scale investments? (If any)
VII. Programme level outputs and results
A. Please quantify the contribution of your project to achieving the results/outputs of the measure. Refer ONLY to the measure pertaining to your project
VIII. Annexes
A.1 Dissemination material (project logo, images, maps related to the projects, publication/studies, newsletter, flyer, press releases, other)

h2. \\ Other examples

Romanian Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing, Directorate General for European Territorial Cooperation, _Procedures Manual. Evaluation Procedure for Romania-Bulgaria CBC Programme_, 2008. Includes:
* Tender assessment fiche
* Evaluation quality questions (criteria)
* Indicative evaluation questions