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Practical Handbook for Ongoing Evaluation

Annex 5 References

Most important European guidance documents

a) Council Regulation 1083/2006; Articles 47, 48 and 49 in particular deal with evaluation but also Articles 60, 65 and 67. The regulation can be found here:
b) The European Commission's Working Document No. 5: "Indicative Guidelines on Evaluation Methods: Evaluation during the programming periods". This Working Document provides guidance on how to perform evaluation for all Structural Funds programmes. After Regulation 1083/2006 this is the most important guidance document. The Working Document can be found here: _ongoing_en.pdf
c) Evalsed. The Evalsed website provides guidance on how to perform evaluation:

Other references

European Parliament and European Council, Regulation 1080/2006 on the European Regional Development Fund, 2006.
Commission Regulation 1828/2006 setting out rules for the implementation of Council Regulation 1083/2006 and 1080/2006, 2006.
European Commission, SEC(2007)213, Responding to Strategic Needs: Reinforcing the use of evaluation, 2007.
European Commission, Evaluating EU Activities, 2004.
European Commission, DG ELARG Evaluation Guide, 2008.
European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, SMART Innovation: A Practical Guide to Evaluating Innovation Programmes, 2006.
European Commission, DG Budget, Evaluating EU activities. A practical guide for the Commission Services, 2003.
European Commission, DG Budget, Evaluating EU Expenditure programmes. A Guide. Ex post and intermediate evaluation, 1997.
INTERACT, Factsheets on a communication plan, 2006.
INTERACT, Handbook on Quality project generation.
INTERACT, Project evaluation and selection manual 2007-2013.
INTERACT, A Study of the mid-term evaluations of INTERREG Programmes 2000-2006, 2005.
OECD, Guidance for Managing Joint Evaluations, 2006.
OECD, DAC Evaluating Development Cooperation. Summary of key norms and standards, 2008.
CADSES, Project management handbook, 2006.
ECORYS, Evaluation Framework Structural Funds 2000-2006, 2002.
EPRC, Making sense of European Cohesion policy: 2007-13. Ongoing evaluation and monitoring arrangements, 2007.
PHARE CBC Support team and ├ľAR, Ongoing Evaluation of INTERREG III A Programmes. A-CZ, A-HU, A-SI, A-SK. Synthesis of cross-programme topics, 2004.
World Health Organisation, "Handbook on monitoring and evaluation of Human Resources for Health", October 2009.



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