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Practical Handbook for Ongoing Evaluation

Table of contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Aim of the practical handbook
1.2 Structure of the practical handbook
1.3 The development of the handbook
1.4 Suggestions or questions?
2 What is ongoing evaluation and why is it needed?
2.1 Evaluation in general: why do we need evaluation?
2.2 European requirements: ongoing evaluation is required but flexible
2.3 Suggested approach
3 Who should be involved?
3.1 European requirements
3.2 Possible approach
3.3 Tool: Checklist for stakeholder involvement
4 When and why to start the evaluation process?
4.1 European requirements
4.2 Suggested approach
5 How to develop an Evaluation Plan?
5.1 European requirements & European guidance
5.2 Possible approach to developing an Evaluation Plan
5.3 Tool: Possible outline of an Evaluation Plan
6 How to develop Terms of Reference for evaluation?
6.1 European requirements & European guidance
6.2 Possible approach
6.3 Tool: Example format for structure and content of Terms of Reference
6.4 Tool: Example format for assessment of proposals
7 Which type of evaluation: strategic, thematic, cross-programme, operational and/or management?
7.1 European requirements & European guidance
7.2 Possible approach to types of evaluation
7.3 Type A: Strategic evaluation
7.4 Type B: Thematic evaluation
7.5 Type C: Cross-programme evaluation
7.6 Type D: Operational evaluation
7.7 Tool: Examples of cross-programme and thematic evaluations
8 How to establish a good budget for an evaluation?
8.1 European requirements regarding evaluation budgets
8.2 Suggested approach
8.3 Tool: Budget calculation
9 How to ensure an evaluation of good quality?
9.1 European requirements
9.2 Possible approach
9.3 Tool: Quality standards checklist
9.4 Tool: Checklist for all elements of an evaluation
10 How to ensure good follow-up of the evaluation?
10.1 European requirements regarding follow-up
10.2 Suggested approach
10.3 Tool: Checklist for follow-up of recommendations
11 How to link project and programme evaluation?
11.1 European requirements
11.2 Possible approach
11.3 Tool: Form for project self-evaluation

Annex 1 List of Acronyms
Annex 2 Evaluation in Structural Funds Regulation 1083/2006
Annex 3 Ex ante and ex post evaluation
Annex 4 Laboratory Group and pilot groups
Annex 5 References
Annex 6 Examples from programmes

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